The Paref Educhild School For Parents Launch On November 16, 2019

Posted 15 November 2019 02:16 PM


The School for Parents is fhe culmination of the installation in PAREF schools of EduChild’s Family Transformation Continuum (FTC), a continuing education program for parents.

FTC spans through the different phases of a child’s development from early childhood to middle childhood to teen-age. Each phase calls for parents to have a fresh understanding of their child’s developmental needs (cognitive, socio-emotional, physiological) and, therefore, a different strategy for effective parenting. Jim Stenson calls out to parents to change strategy when their child moves from early childhood to middle childhood and, again, from middle childhood to adolescence.

FTC offers a specific age-appropriate parenting course corresponding to each developmental phase. 

Pre-School NPEP, Grade School NPEP, and the Middlle Childhood Course are presently being conducted in PAREF. The Parenting Teens Course will be run for the first time for Grade 7 parents in Southridge in schoolyear 2019-20, thus, marking the completion of the FTC program offering.

In addition to FTC, the School for Parents will also offer: a) the other core parenting programs of EduChild such as Beyond I Do, Marital Love Course, Family Visioning, and Farherhood; b) the outreach programs Pinoy EduChild and Gabay Pamilya which are designed for parents of underprivileged families; and c) the Life Endeavors and Projects (LEAP) course for single young professionals.

The EduChild Alabang Area Chair Couple (Alan & Dawn Dacanay) will serve as the Chair Couple of the School for Parents in Southridge. They will be assisted by a Vice Chair Couple (Jeff & Josie de Leon) whose role within EduChild will be dedicated to the School for Parents in Alabang.