The School

The school was founded in 1979 by the Parents For Education Foundation Inc., a non-profit foundation formed by a group of parents who envisioned a group of schools that would offer values-based formation during the formative years of children.

Grade School

The Grade School Unit introduces students to the Southridge educational experience. During their stay in the Grade School, students master the foundational skills of reading, writing, speaking and calculating through the curricular framework of Understanding by Design (UbD) that is applied to all subject areas. Instruction is done through the use of both teacher and student centric learning activities with emphasis on teaching for mastery and understanding. This holistic academic program is complemented by a personal formation program that helps students form good habits that become the basis for the development of their character.

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Junior High School

The High School Unit builds on and refines the academic and personal formation programs of the Grade School. High School students are trained to acquire clarity, order and precision in thought, skill in analysis, judgment and expression, and the ability to reflect on their learning experiences. These goals of education are measured using performance-based assessments. Student engagement in school is also widely promoted through active participation in clubs and other extra-curricular activities. With the help of their mentors, students are able to turn good habits into lifelong virtues which they practice as they face the intricacies of teenage life.

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Senior High School

Senior High School comprises the culminating two years of the High School Unit. Following the Department of Education’s curriculum while remaining faithful to the educational philosophy of the school, Southridge Senior High School equips students for tertiary education and provides them with training and exposure to these three strands: Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM), Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and General Academic Strand (GAS).

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Afternoon School

The Afternoon School, which started in 1987 as the Night School, remains true to its vision of providing quality education to deserving young men who come from financially challenged backgrounds. Through the support of generous benefactors, the Afternoon School’s faculty extends the same academic and personal formation programs to elementary school graduates who enter Southridge as Grade 7 students. Upon completion of Grade 10, Afternoon School students merge with the other High School Students to form one Senior High School.

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